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Let the Sun’s Rays Illuminate Your Brand

Summer is nearly here and while you’re surely getting ready to hit the beach, remember that warm weather also gives us the opportunity to improve our content marketing — specifically, our visual content.

Visual content on your social media channels is crucial for any brand. In fact, studies show that colorful images increase a viewer’s attention by 80%, making it more likely they’ll read your content. Here are a few reasons why warmer weather is the perfect time to take photos.

Here Comes the Sun

The only lighting equipment you will need to take a great photo is the sun. The best part: It’s free! Since the sunshine lasts longer in the summer, you’ll have ample time to take more photos. Take note that the time of day affects the lighting of the object you are shooting. Check out the handy graph below.

Cambridge in Colour

Around Town

Everything flourishes during summer: trees, flowers, people. Plus, there are so many festivals and events during the warm weather months that there’s a great photo-op right around every corner. If you plan to attend a local event, snap a picture and geotag it to gain more visibility on social media. Bonus points for use of hashtagging.

Small but Mighty

These days, you don’t need a big, fancy DSLR camera to take professional-looking photos; your smartphone probably has its own high-quality lens. A camera phones also gives you the opportunity to take an instant photo of anything that catches your eye and upload it directly to your social channels.


Summer brings us plenty of gorgeous photo-opts, but there’s no harm in a little retouching. If you want your photos to look super professional on social media, forgo the filters and edit the photos yourself. Yes, this takes more time, but you will end up with a better looking final product. First, download a couple photo-editing apps like VSCOFacetune or Camera+. Next, play around with the brightness, contrast and saturation. If you still think your photo needs a filter, pick one that complements the photo. It is important that all your photos look consistent (this especially applies to Instagram). Do not use a different filter for each photo, because that will just make your feed look messy and erratic. Find one or two filters that you like and stick with that.

Having aesthetically-pleasing content is essential for companies to communicate on social media. If you want to discuss more on how to improve your brand’s visual brand, feel free to contact us.