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Should Your Business Have a Facebook Page? The Answer Is Always Yes!

With 1.18 billion daily active users on Facebook, you can bet your target audience makes up a portion of the users. Luckily, with Facebook’s incredible targeting tools they are not that hard to reach either. Although Facebook has paid features, it is free to use. So, setting up a profile for your business will cost a little bit of time and can help you reach a huge potential audience.

A Second Website

With an unfathomably large pool of users, Facebook is used as a primary news source for many and generates a significant amount of referrals. Similarly to the website of a business, having an active social media presence increases your SEO by making your brand more visible. Facebook is also another avenue of showcasing products, promotions and services to a potentially highly targeted audience. People who see your posts can often be taken directly to your website to purchase a product, effectively making Facebook a lead-generator. Not only is it fantastic for generating sales, but it is also the perfect platform for the voice of your brand and generating positive conversations among your customers.

Word-of-Mouth Advertising

One of the greatest forms of advertising is the word-of-mouth recommendation — this is when a friend tells someone about a great new product or service. This type of referral already has trust built into the relationship, making the conversion rate much higher. The struggle for a business is that this is hard to control, but Facebook provides another microphone for your brand’s voice.

Time Investment

To reap the maximum rewards of running a Facebook page for your business, you must be willing to commit the time to consistent posts. While Facebook is free, advertising on the social media giant is not. However, creating a highly target advertisement is very possible on Facebook. Advertising here is one of the largest and widely used avenues to advertise on. While results will vary from business to business, growing your audience on Facebook can become extremely rewarding. Advertising on this platform allows you to build a highly curated audience. That way your Facebook followers will all be potential customers allowing you to get the most out of your efforts.

Facebook is a free opportunity to build a second, curated platform to deliver your content to your target audience. If you’re still not convinced you should have a healthy Facebook page, then remember that your competitors likely have one and are soaking in the full range of your target audience, competition-free. Facebook also provides exposure for your brand, allowing you to increase awareness and build relationships with your customers. Thanks to its highly in-depth and accurate targeting options, Facebook’s advertising platform becomes a must-use tool for any business. However, you shouldn’t stop at Facebook as there are other popular social media sites with strong benefits for your brand.

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