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Your Marketing Plan Should Include Video Content

Video content and marketing will represent 74% of internet traffic in 2017, according to a report by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. While it’s vital to include compelling and thought-provoking written content in your marketing plan, it’s not enough anymore. People don’t have time (or the attention span) to read a blog post or an article to get the information they need. This is why consumers are turning to visual content instead, because it gives information they need more quickly than a written piece of content. If you’re not convinced yet on why video should be integrated into your marketing strategy, here are few more reasons why it should.

1. Secures Viewers’ Attention

About 65 percent of viewers watch more than ¾ of a video, which is far more than one can say about text-based content. If you already have a piece of written content that you want to gain more exposure, transform it into a compelling and engaging video.

2. Amplifies Social Media Engagement

Visual content is key to increasing engagement on social media. Facebook and Twitter posts that include a photo or infographic are proven to receive more likes and shares than posts without any image. Just think of the possibilities video could present for your social media channels.

3. Boosts SEO Ranking

Consumer demand for video has pushed search engines to boost rankings for websites that are rich with mixed media. So, while posting a video to Facebook or Twitter is great for increasing engagement on those platforms, you should also include video content on your website to improve search engine ranking.

4. Increases Email Click-Throughs

Another bonus that comes with video content is an increase in click-through rate. There have been many studies comparing emails with and without video content, and each has proven that an email with a video comes out on top with most click-throughs. Feel free to test it out with your own newsletter and see the results.

5. Maximizes Consumer Conversions

More than 70 percent of marketers said video conversion rates outperform other marketing content, according to a report by Vidyard. To increase conversion rate, it takes more than posting a video that shares information about a product. The best product videos make the shopping experience simple for the consumer

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