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5 Ways to Increase Newsletter Click-Throughs

Sending out weekly or monthly newsletters is a great way to inform clients, customers and stakeholders of what’s new and exciting within your company. The only problem? The possibility of creating dull content that gets marked to the spam folder of someone’s inbox. Here are a few recommendations on how to spice up your content marketing to make for an enticing and effective read.

1. Make Your Emails Mobile-Friendly

These days, more emails are opened on mobile devices than on desktops as busy professionals check for mail while on-the-go. While your emails may look great on the desktop version, they may translate in an unappealing fashion on your viewers’ mobile email accounts if not formatted properly. For successful email marketing campaigns, make certain that the formats you use translate to a mobile-friendly design, including extra white space around links for those with clumsy thumbs (Orbit Media recommends that a mobile call to action should be at least 45 x 60 pixels). Increased accessibility will enable your viewers to pay attention to your email that it deserves.

2. Invite Readers to Engage on Social Media

Including social media buttons (clickable icons of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) in your email campaigns can dramatically affect click-through rates. According to a GetResponse study, emails that listed social sharing buttons received 158 percent more clicks than emails without them. By allowing your viewers to share content with friends on their social platforms, increased visibility also becomes an advantage as sharing power increases.

3. Use Triggered Email Campaigns

A triggered email is an email that is automatically sent to your inbox after completing a direct action. This can include welcome emails after signing up for a subscription, confirmation emails after agreeing to receive alerts, and transactional emails after completing a purchase. These types of messages are so effective because they take action when the user is already active online. As a result, they tend to get unusually high click-through rates with up to 406% more engagement. Only 18 percent of marketers use triggered email campaigns – ignoring a huge opportunity for customer engagement.

4. Don’t Annoy Your Customers

Over-mailing can be deadly. Once companies begin sending out too many check-ins, newsletters, and email campaigns, their engagement rates drop. To avoid an annoying email presence, limit yourself to emailing no more than once a week. You can also offer your customers an opt-out option to certain types of emails that they receive from you.  This allows your viewers to receive emails at a frequency that works for them, as only the biggest fans will want tons of emails from your company bogging down their inbox every time they log in.

5. Include a Strong Call to Action

Everyone knows a CTA is a core of the newsletter, but not everyone knows the strategy that’s involved. Here’s a couple pointers:

Calls to action typically perform better if you phrase them exactly the same way your subscriber would. For example, “Get my ebook” will do better than “Get your ebook.” In fact, this type of phrasing resulted in a 90% increase in click through rate, according to Content Verve. Another way to boost a call to action is to create a “curiosity gap,” or a cliffhanger. Just make sure you don’t end up bribing your readers with clickbait by exaggerating the truth to the point of distrust. If unsure of where to place your CTA, try the bottom right corner. This is a natural stopping point to the eyes when reading from left to right, as it offers more information at the end of their viewing pattern.

Even if your click-through rate remains lower than you would like it to be, don’t give up hope! CTA aren’t the end-all of content marketing. What’s most important is to continue to build your relationship with your viewers by offering brand awareness, information, and resources. For more tips on expanding your email marketing skills, check out our blog post here.