F.A.T. Stacks 101 Content Series for Fetch IMC

Everything we do for our clients, we do for ourselves as well. That’s why we created a content series entitled “F.A.T. Stacks 101.” This series consisted of the mother blog, as well as 4 supplemental accompanying blogs: Backend Basics Contact Curation Digital Ads Putting It All Together

Meet the New Faces of Fetch IMC

We’re pleased to welcome two new members to the Fetch IMC team!  Name: Matt Watson Role: Account Executive Alma Mater: Columbia College Chicago Q: What is your favorite part about working with SMB clients? A: My dad and grandfather were small business owners, so it’s always been in my DNA. I love working with other small […]

Fetch IMC Gives Back to the Community

This holiday season, Fetch has been active in supporting the artistic and non-profit communities that benefit our great city of Chicago. From youth programs to interdisciplinary creative foundations, Fetch is always looking to back up-and-coming movers and shakers in our hometown. Here are a few of the organizations that Fetch is currently involved with. 3Arts […]

F.A.T. Stacks 101: Putting It All Together

Your website backend is properly configured. Your contacts are listed and tagged. You have digital ads running to drive new traffic and engage with existing users. What’s next? It’s time to tie it all up and put everything together utilizing what you’ve set up. First, you’ll want to design a specific content series on a […]

Fetch Joins Squarespace Circle

Website design is a laborious process that is unique to each and every business. Misinformation abounds regarding the “right way” to build a website. Should you hire a professional for $30K? Ask your neighbor’s 19-year-old nephew to put something together? Team Fetch has been a fan of Squarespace for some time now, utilizing its versatile […]

Fetch Named One of the Best PR Firms in Chicago!

For the second year in a row, Fetch has been named one of the top public relations firms in Chicago! Expertise, a platform designed to locate local experts, surveyed 706 PR firms that serve the Chicago area to select the top 18 to feature. Firms were scored on more than 25 variables across five categories, […]

Fetch CEO Erryn Cobb Talks with BizCast

Our own Erryn Cobb spoke with BizCast HQ as part of the organization’s leadership series. Check out the video to hear about what he’s learned as a graduated entrepreneur.  

Make Your Website a Brand Asset

It’s a common theme for entrepreneurs to spend an immense amount of time – and even money! – on their first website, only to forget about it as the business picks up. This can actually become detrimental to the digital health and searchability of the business. Think of your website as a living, breathing plant […]

Your Marketing Materials Should Reflect Your Current Brand

Consistency in your brand messaging is key in communicating your core offerings. Even if you’ve defined your unique value proposition, this won’t be clear to your target audiences if your marketing materials don’t reflect it. As you’re evaluating your need for a rebrand, gather every piece of marketing you use or have used, and prepare […]

Welcome to Fetch IMC

Every time someone asks me how things are going at Fetch, I give the same reply: “The marathon continues.” Being a small business owner is one the of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences I have had in my life. The one constant in the marathon of entrepreneurship is change. When we started Fetch PR […]