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Keep Chicagoans Fed & Employed

Chicago’s restaurants and food service professionals are really feeling the impact of Covid-19. Since all establishments have been limited in what they can currently offer the public, food delivery has become the main source of revenue for the industry. Fetch wants to share a program that we are helping our clients roll out in efforts to help keep Chicagoans fed and employed. 

Step 1: Big Portions & Simple Pricing

Create a Prix Fixe menu that can be easily replicated in your kitchen. Keep in mind that people are looking to feed their families and loved ones across the city for an extended period of time. Come up with a menu that can be used for multiple servings and meals. Once the menu is created, update all of the delivery services you use (Grubhub, Caviar, etc). 

Step 2: One Stop Delivery Shop

Create a landing page for your establishment that makes it easy for patrons to support you by ordering delivery, curbside pick-up, gift cards, and merchandise. Aggregate the links to all of the delivery services that you have partnered with on this page. Add a personal statement of gratitude to help personalize the impact of people ordering from you. If you have the capability, put an option to order the Prix Fixe menu directly from you. 

Step 3: Share, Boost, Repeat

Post a link to the landing page on all of your communication channels (social media, newsletters, etc). Create messaging that encourages people to order from you. “Let’s keep Chicagoans fed and employed.” Be sure to boost the post to reach an audience in your delivery radius.  Encourage your employees and partners to share with their networks. 

We found these tips to be helpful, easy to implement, and effective in spreading awareness on ways to support your establishment. Chicago’s vibrant and diverse dining scene is an important part of this city’s culture, and although your doors may be closed, our hearts and minds are open to helping you in these difficult times. We hope you and your families stay healthy and safe, and we look forward to the day when we can share a drink again!