Building the Brand

Many of our clients come to us with no idea how to begin branding or rebranding. This is the most vital aspect of marketing - nothing can happen online (like social media posting or blog writing) until we nail down strong brand visuals, messaging and digital presence.

Curating our Clients’ Needs

Our first step in the rebrand process is to do a digital audit of all brand assets. From there we identify the clients’ branding needs. Whether a brand needs just a logo redesign or an entire site overhaul, we satisfy all digital branding needs through curated brand visuals and language. Our rebrand process is as follows: 

  • A complete audit of brand assets  
  • Identification of brand needs, like a new logo or website
  • Complete project management for the duration of the rebrand 
  • Continued brand maintenance after the design process

The Payoff

The brand is the heartbeat of a business, without it businesses are at risk of losing potential new clients or opportunities. Our rebrand process ensures consistent brand messaging, design and digital presence. This not only increases credibility, but also increases a client’s chances of growing their business.