Case Study: BKE Designs

Building the Brand

When we began working with BKE Designs, we were presented with the opportunity to assist an entrepreneur who was in need of marketing guidance, but wasn’t quite ready to utilize our full-service marketing offerings just yet. Instead of Fetch running BKE Design’s marketing efforts, we developed a program that offers a manageable system including the marketing tools, trainings and support that any entrepreneur would need to handle and manage their marketing efforts on their own.

Curating our Clients’ Needs

Just as we get started with any other client, we had several meetings with BKE Designs so we could have a comprehensive understanding of their specific needs. From there, we determined the best tooling, project management software and training documents that would set BKE Designs up for success in their marketing efforts.

- Created a robust Trello board that included timelines for projects and housed all of our trainings
- Authored client-specific processes for Hootsuite, Canva, content calendar development, email newsletter curation, blog creation, etc
- Overhauled and optimized BKE Designs’ website
- Offered continued digital support and three separate hour-long training sessions
- Optimized a Google Chrome laptop that we gifted as a marketing hub for all of the above tools we developed

The Payoff

In just over a month, we were able to develop a complete training regime, overhaul BKE Designs’ website as well as provide them with their own marketing machine in the form of a personalized Chromebook.