Case Study: GQ Law


Building the Brand

Over our two years with GQ Law, our main objective was to increase brand awareness, brand reach and place the law firm as a thought leader in the family law and estate planning industry.

Curating our Clients’ Needs

A lot of our success with GQ Law stemmed from media relations, but before pitching the media, a company must have a strong brand and online presence. We utilized the following strategies to boost GQ Law’s brand before we launched our one of our most successful media relations strategies to date.  

  • Utilized an effective media relations strategy with regular pitching and media outreach
  • Crafted consistent content marketing calendars to ensure clear brand messaging
  • Boosted the brand’s online presence through regular social media usage and engagement
  • Implemented an innovative digital marketing campaign utilizing email automations, content series and Facebook ads

The Payoff

We garnered 415,000 media views with 20 pieces of earned coverage. This brand reach has allowed GQ Law to become an authority and go-to resource for media outlets such as U.S. News and World Report and WGN’s The Jam. Not only did this media provide GQ Law with specific coverage views, the brand also saw nearly 500,000 brand impressions and 20,000 engagements over the course of our working relationship.


491,425 Brand Impressions

19,220 Brand Engagements

41,500 Media Views