Case Study: Metropolitan

Rebuilding the Brand

When we started working with the Metropolitan, our main focus was to promote the Metropolitan’s new and improved space, increase brand reach through influencers and traditional media and create a microblog to support the brand as an individual entity apart from the parent company, ClubCorp.

Curating our Clients’ Needs

The initial success for the rebranding process stemmed from extended media relations, but before we decided to begin pitching media to other teams, it was critical that the Metropolitan maintained a strong online presence to support our goal of placing the brand as a new and improved space for Chicago professionals. We brainstormed the following strategies to publicize the Metropolitan’s brand prior to the launch of our media relations strategy:

  • Created a microblog that people from the community could utilize to stay up to date on the latest news, experiences and features The Metropolitan has to offer 
  • Created original content and published across the microblog and e-newsletter to communicate directly to subscribers
  • Promoted the Metropolitan to local Chicago influencers
  • Created a list of targeted media outlets for pitching opportunities to gain more coverage views

The Outcome

The goal for building a strong online presence was met with more than 49,000 media views and 9 earned media placements. This made The Metropolitan the talk of the town for many well-known media outlets, including Chicago Business Journal and WGN Radio. Not only did this media provide The Metropolitan with tailored coverage views, the brand also saw a tremendous 590,000 brand impressions over the course of seven months and 58,000+ traditional media impressions throughout our partnership.


6,400 website visits from marketing efforts

130+ in membership referrals

35% open rate on marketing emails (industry average is 13%)

590,000+ brand impressions over 7 months

100,000+ Chicagoans saw the brand through local Chicago influencers

58,000+ traditional media impressions