Tenant Advisory Group Case Study



Tenant Advisory Group is a commercial real estate brokerage that serves small- to mid-sized businesses in the Chicago area. A long-time partner of Fetch, Tenant Advisory Group shifted its marketing focus towards email outreach. At the end of 2016, the company’s average open rate was 27.5 percent. Fetch was tasked with increasing overall newsletter engagement, with a specific goal of increasing email open rate to 28 percent.


Template Redesign
The Tenant Advisory Group newsletter was created with an outdated template in Constant Contact. The first step was to improve the user experience, making the content easier to read and navigate. By incorporating shorter snippets of text with links to larger portions of content on the website, users were more inclined to continue to open Tenant Advisory Group emails if they could pick and choose if they would like to read more.

Visual Optimization
Fetch began incorporating more personal photography, depicting the people behind the Tenant Advisory Group brand. Images from company events became key in the ongoing optimization. Additionally, everything was consistently designed and tested on mobile devices, as well as desktops, to ensure ease of use on every medium.

Expanded Content
General commercial real estate industry content was standard in the Tenant Advisory Group e-blasts, but Fetch expanded on this to include current trends, a strong, visual testimonial and event spotlights.

A/B Testing
Fetch conducted A/B testing throughout the entire program, utilizing various subject lines and pre-headers to entice the recipient to open the email and interact with the provided content.


  • Achieved an average open rate of 28.1 percent, as of November 2017.
  • Tenant Advisory Group reported a drastic increase in positive feedback from its network, as well as additional referrals and new business opportunities.
  • Monthly e-blasts saw a steady increase in open rates throughout the year, with some months seeing a 32 percent open rate and a 16 percent click-through rate.
  • Far exceeded industry-standard open rates of 15.63 percent with a 6.3 percent click-through rate, according to Constant Contact.