What We Do

Branding & Rebranding

Whether you’re starting out or looking to refresh your image, a strong brand identity is key to any marketing initiative. Fetch IMC will work with you to uncover the best way to portray your brand and offerings.


Logo Design​ - Create a visual style to showcase your company name to ensure your visual presence is instantly recognizable.
Brand Kit​ - A completely customized brand guidelines doc with your logo, brand colors, typography and usage in all areas of print and online marketing.

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A website is the digital home for your business and often the first touchpoint for your audience. Your Fetch IMC team will evaluate your current site and create a plan on how to improve your online presence.


Website Design​ - Custom-built website that reflects your brand look and feel.
Copywriting -​ Build your brand’s voice and weave it throughout the website.
Trackable Calls to Action - ​Encourage site visitors to act, then track how they respond.
Established Analytics​ - Ongoing metric tracking to gauge the success of the website.

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Content Marketing

Your brand has a voice, and there are many ways to have it speak to your target audience. We’ll work with you to create thought leadership pieces and blast it across your branded channels to maximize calls to action.


Social Media -​ Engage with your audiences in a real-time environment through a variety of social (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.) channels.
Blogging​ - Showcase your brand’s authority through customized thought-leadership pieces.
E-newsletters​ - Connect with the public on a personal level to turn your contacts into genuine customers.
Organic SEO ​- Incorporate keywords and search terms to generate content your audience is looking for.

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Public Relations

Our non-stop research and consistent outreach enables us to find relevant outlets to broadcast your story to the public.


Messaging​ - Establish what sets your brand apart and the best ways to communicate the benefits.
Publicity​ - Garner placements in targeted media and influencer outlets to increase visibility and drive traffic to your website.
Coverage Reports ​- Full reporting on all media coverage.

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Stack Install

Choosing the correct communications platforms to disseminate your messaging in a manageable fashion is a challenge for many businesses. Our Stack Install program takes the guesswork out of these decisions and trains you and your staff on the best practices in effective social communications.


Analysis​ - A tailored breakdown of the best, most effective communication mediums for your business.
Complete Platform Setup​ - Across-the-board installation of the recommended outlets and channels for your brand.
One-on-one Training​ - Ongoing training and coaching sessions to keep your brand activated on the most impactful channels.

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